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Welcome to the class blog. This page will serve as a way for me to communicate with my students and their parents and provide students with the opportunity to ask questions and make comments about assignments. Please check out the full class website as well!

Location: Seaford, Delaware, United States

Monday, July 16, 2007


As summer plugs along, I thought I'd update in case anyone was REALLY bored and decided to check in. If you miss me, I can be found most days at Cape Henlopen State Park giving tours at Fort Miles, the largest and most expensive fort constructed within the United States during World War II.

Next year, look for a complete website, though I expect to keep the blog alive as well to serve as a forum for discussion among students and myself. Unlike most sequals, year #2 of Mr. McKain's social studies class at SMS promises to be an exciting improvement over the original! I'm looking foward to meeting any newcomers in a month and a few weeks!


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